Charl Durand Fine Art Photography | About
Charl Durand was born in 1961 and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He obtained a BA in Sociology and an M. Phil
degree in Knowledge Management and has spent his earlier professional life working as a writer and publisher. He first took up photography while performing national service in the armed forces, where he served as photojournalist for the army’s official newspaper. He started shooting digital photography in 2003, though most of his photos are largely free of digital manipulation.

Having traveled widely during the past twenty years, he has established photographic collections from Scandinavia, Italy, China, and New Zealand, as well as an extensive collection of South African landscapes, wildlife, and tourist attractions.

During the past decade he has widely documented sport as an agent for social change and development in South Africa, traveling to rural areas photographing a wide variety of sport related programs, including the annual Sport Heroes Walk Against HIV/AIDS project.

In 2007 Charl participated in the first Johannesburg Photo Marathon that was presented in conjunction with the artist collectice, The Bag Factory.

Charl has published five collections of photographs. These include a collection taken during the Arctic winter in Scandinavia, A Snow Pilgrimage; a collection of photographs of unusual windows from Europe, Africa and the Far East, Windows Of The World; and a semi-autobiographical black and white collection, A Shoebox of Small Photos.

Charl is part of the informal photography collective Joburg Photo Walkers, and participated in the first Photowalkers exhibition in 2010.

In December 2012 two of his photographs were included in CMYK, a group photographic exhibition at the Circa Gallery in Johannesburg.

In April 2013 Charl launched the 100 Venice Bridges Challenge, a project to photograph and document one hundred bridges in the historical city of Venice, Italy. A photographic account of the project has been published as an interactive iPad e-book on iBooks.

He shares a home and guest cottage in one of Johannesburg’s historical districts with Adeline and their three cats – Lexi, Stoffel and Matisse.