Charl Durand Fine Art Photography | Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Being human invokes mystery. But most of the time the dimension of the mysterious and enigmatic in our lives is lost in the commonplace of everyday existence. It lies buried under the humdrum of household chores and ends to meet. Yet it’s never completely opaque and out of sight, rather, it remains teasingly half-obscured but always ready to be explored.

In my life as a photographer capturing moments of the innately mysterious in sometimes mundane environments is a common thread that runs through almost all my images, particularly the more creative and artistic ones. Through visual interpretation of the magic of existence, a little technical skill and a good measure of perseverance I try to produce images that are thought-provoking and durable.

Whether it’s an expression in someone’s eyes or the lines and geometries in nature and in manmade objects, or the omnipresent paradoxes of life that we tend so easily to miss (or dismiss) my images are ways of exploring the less obvious mixed in with what we commonly see every day.

Thus, my images are invitations to everyone who views them to rediscover wonder, the curious and the enigmatically beautiful that are often hiding in plain sight, or which we tend to be forgetful of. And if I convey those dimensions of the  mysterious in life and touch somebody, I’ve achieved what I set out to do with camera in hand.