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SCWG assignments and projects
The Lady deMontford saga: An exercise in story creation and character building.
Lady deMontford, aged 99
Sir Francis, her son, agfed 75
His daughter, Margaret, forty-ish
Lady deMontford's caretaker, in her sixties (Main character, either third or first person)
Her son, Ginger, early twenties
The story characters are having breakfast in the smart, expansive dining room with light streaming in through the enormous, draped windows. Then someone reveals a terrible secret. This could possibly be life-changing announcement, of an action that will forthwith be undertaken. 
The terrrible secret could be anything. Could be revelations of a personal nature, illicit relationship, awful deed, death, or well, or a lifechanging discover (gold buried under the house, anyone?)
This announcement forces the Caretaker (pick any name and gender) in a position where his or her primary character traits will reveal themselves, and place her on a path of conflict with one or all other  characters.
The purpose of this scene is to enable character building, and not so much further storytelling (for the moment, anyway). 
Try and keep the scene to 500 words. If you can finish it in two paragraphs, bonus points.
Deadline is 16 February 2023, the date of our next meeting!

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