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'n Huisboot op Langebaan

Langebaan is one of the most scenic lagoons in South Africa. A collection of images taken during a long weekend stay on a houseboat anchored in a quiet bay of this beautiful landscape. Misty mornings, quiet landscapes and quality family time.

A different type of silence

A Different Kind of Silence

Images from a journey through Northern Europe during winter chronicling the hidden life of snow. Features landscapes in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Austria. Interpretations of cold, very cold, by someone who lives in a virtually snow-free country. Available for order from Blurb.

A Shoe Box of Small Photos

Tiny black and white images that tell imaginary tales of travels far and wide. Mystical, mythical, dark like dungeons. Not for coffee tables but makes good reading by candle light on rainy nights. Click on the Blurb Books link to preview.

Aerial Photography Catalog

Europe 2013

Europe 2013

Um. Probably more like a glorified photo album, I must be honest. Replete with photographs at an angle and shadow effects. Sigh. Sometimes the gods of design just isn't anywhere to be seen. Still, images that are memories and smiles. Out of print.

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Seascape images that were part of an exhibition held in Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape during December 2021. Arguably the most scenic coastline in South Africa. It was done in the early days of my 'coastal years' after Johannesburg, and I was still finding my feet, both in terms of art and technique. Colourful, lots of movement and craggy lines.

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Lisbon Metro


A collection of photographs taken at Lisbon metro stations, all adorned with works of ceramic and mosaic art from various local and international artists.


My first collection of black and white images, from2011. Of all the photobooks I've produced, this is my favourite. Featuring a few dozen monochrome images I'm most proud of. Reminder: Do a second collection, just to see where I've come from. Available for sale on Blurb's website.



Orgosolo is a tiny village in Sardinia. Wall of houses and buildings in the town are painted with works of art depicting revolutionary scenes, rendered in the styles of international artists such as Pablo Picasso. Having grown up in an era of revolution, the depiction of struggle in such a public space and with such conviction made a great impression on me.

Printed Matter

Printed Matter

My first stab at a monthly magazine, back in 2014. Much edgier and raw than the more recent editions. Gautrain, Joburg, cats, the usual things.


The Camino Book

An imperfect photobook of a life-changing experience. Based on a 1000km-long walk from Lourdes to Santiago de Compostela. Nevertheless, I'm proud of it. Bold, rough, with shorthand messaging. Out of print at present, but can be read and downloaded at ISSUU, link below.


The Monthlies

The Monthlies is a series of photo-magazines, tell-all collections of the rich tapestry of visual experience that cross my path every day. Fun reads, and they're free to view online.

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