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The Venice Bridges Project

Note: These pages are about the ongoing Venice Bridges project I began in 2013. The core of the project is the book I published, see below.

I first visited Venice around 2003. My wife, Adeline and I were booked into a three star hotel on the Grand Canal. We stayed in one of the 'cheap rooms', in other words, not facing the canal. On arrival we were unexpectedly upgraded to one of the fancy rooms with a magnificent view of the Grand Canal - and the Rialto Bridge to boot - and that sealed it for us, we became hooked on Venice. We've returned several times since to Venice, staying in various parts of the city, and once on Murano island.

I've had the idea of writing on the bridges of Venice in the back of my mind for a long time. In early 2013 I researched and completed the 100 Venice Bridges Challenge, giving me a wealth of images and information on the bridges. Since then I've written various e-books and printed bridge guides, with the first, a containing photographs and descriptions of all one hundred bridges available at Amazon. This section of the website ties it a together, and is a platform for the project as a whole.

In 2017 I returned to the Venice Lagoon and photographed the bridges of Chioggia, the little-known island at the southern tip of the lagoon. The bridge of Chioggia appear in the 2019 edition of Venice, Bridge by Bridge.

What about the future? We spent the past year or so moving house, and then Corona virus brought everything to a standstill, so this has slowed down progress somewhat. But I have exciting new additions in the works, that'll probably unfold in 2021. To stay up to date, follow the Venice Bridges Facebook page.

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